Simulated Loops

I wanted to work on something out of pure creativity and ideas in late 2018 / early 2019.  They were all done within a 2-month ‘creative’ period, using Golaem, Maya, and Arnold.  Because of the nature of these projects, some of them make absolutely no sense. Click on each one to see the full animations […]

Real-time Recorder Script

Script that captures translate, rotate, and/or scale changes in real-time as keyframes. Usage Check/Uncheck the desired axes to record. Select the object or camera that you wish to capture.. Hit Record!

Troll Bridge Golaem Battle Test

For a Discworld film by Terry Pratchett called Troll Bridge that I’m working on – I needed to run some tests on our soldier’s ragdoll physics!

Golaem NX Characters

Assets that I’ve made publicly available for use in Golaem.

nCloth Unroll / Unravel / Unfurl

A setup using Maya’s nCloth to unroll / unravel / unfurl a static object. In this case you will be able to keyframe your animation and cache the nCloth simulation that gets unrolled as the rotation advances. Rendered with Arnold. It was achieved by animating a ramp to transition the static surfaces to dynamic as […]

Web App for HR Solutions

I put together this simple web app to manage services typically used for HR purposes in small-scale companies. It runs on the WordPress platform, so debugging problems, adding additional features, and implementation of the web app is a breeze. Employees will have a portal to submit requests, and administrators have access to the database that […]

Sand Simulation & Ground Displacement

A few examples of the development made when approaching the interaction and simulation of sand and dust in the environment. The tools used was Krakatoa MY and SoUP nodes. Attribute Map Sequence Export I wrote an Attribute Map Sequence Export script to create wet maps used for texturing or displacing.

Golaem Exercises

My first impression with Golaem was pretty high. It came packaged with a clean interface for their editors and the tools at your disposal were organized quite well. Integration with Maya was seamless without any issues, and the new release can be launched through Maya’s Plugin window (as opposed to the old way of having […]

Confetti Template

I created a very basic setup for confetti bursting in to the air and falling back. This can be used to speed up the process of implementing simple dynamic confetti simulation which include nCloth streamers and nParticle glitter. Landing Rotation Simply stopping the rotation increment on the confetti instances will appear as if it gets […]

Attribute Map Sequence Export Script

MEL Script that automates the attribute map export for a set of keyframes. Usage Select the object that contains the per-vertex attributes painted on. Open the ‘Paint Vertex Color Tool’ options window. (In the Polygons tab, Color > Paint Vertex Color Tool Options) Set the desired options in both the ‘Paint Vertex Color Tool’ options […]

Sequence Offset (Stop Motion) Script

MEL Script that simulates the keys for stop-motion animation using an array of objects to sequence through. Features include re-ordering the list of objects and randomizing the fps. Credits Animation/Compositing – Ramtin Ahmadi Rendering – Amin Bakht

Crowd Simulation Setup

Populating an area with people is always a challenge. Constraints in production budget always hurdles that challenge. This is why there are tons of different plugins, stand-alone packages, and scripts that have been developed to tackle the problems. The above video demonstrates two ways that I worked with to achieve a shot needed for a […]

Rolling Floor / Tremors!

I was approached with a job to simulate something moving along the ground on live footage. It needed to have ripples and it also needed a sense of direction as it passed through multiple shots. The whole idea was a bit eerie, but also quite challenging in the sense of quality and realism. Technically, it […]

OPTIX Percent Calculator Widget

A Simple widget that finds the percentage difference of set goal and total amount in $.

Camera Manager Script

MEL Script that comes with a camera toolset to streamline productivity inside of Maya. Credit to Firas Ershead for the 2D Camera Zoom tool. Features Create Simple Camera Rig – Creates a simple camera rig with the option of having controls on the aim locator or created curve. Create Absolute Camera – Creates a camera […]

Foam Cannon Rig

I was thinking about many solutions on how to achieve realistic soap suds in maya. The type of soap suds that you would find at a car wash or in one of those foam parties from back in the college days. The two things that interested me were the way foam interacts with itself and […]

OPTIX Render Bot

Development started on renderBot after a suggestion was brought up by our Senior Render Artist and personal friend, Amin Bakht. We take advantage of our render nodes located on the renderfarm religiously, and when times are tough, we would need to expand our processing power to individual workstations. This turned out to help us enormously, […]

Maya Fluids Tornado Rig

There are many examples on how to achieve a tornado in Maya. Many solutions include the use of Maya fluids with the help of fields to drive the fluids in a way that simulate the air around tornados. Other solutions involve maya particles with point or streak particle types to give the look of a […]

Dynamic Hair Wagon

I noticed that I have been using the “Make Selected Curves Dynamic” option more and more in many of my projects. I found it very powerful and can easily give me expected results for a range of applications. I decided to use it in a practice for creating some kind of direction anticipation engine in […]