MEL Scripts

Real-time Recorder Script

Script that captures translate, rotate, and/or scale changes in real-time as keyframes. Usage Check/Uncheck the desired axes to record. Select the object or camera that you wish to capture.. Hit Record!

Attribute Map Sequence Export Script

MEL Script that automates the attribute map export for a set of keyframes. Usage Select the object that contains the per-vertex attributes painted on. Open the ‘Paint Vertex Color Tool’ options window. (In the Polygons tab, Color > Paint Vertex Color Tool Options) Set the desired options in both the ‘Paint Vertex Color Tool’ options […]

Sequence Offset (Stop Motion) Script

MEL Script that simulates the keys for stop-motion animation using an array of objects to sequence through. Features include re-ordering the list of objects and randomizing the fps. Credits Animation/Compositing – Ramtin Ahmadi Rendering – Amin Bakht

Camera Manager Script

MEL Script that comes with a camera toolset to streamline productivity inside of Maya. Credit to Firas Ershead for the 2D Camera Zoom tool. Features Create Simple Camera Rig – Creates a simple camera rig with the option of having controls on the aim locator or created curve. Create Absolute Camera – Creates a camera […]