Maya Rigs/Assets

Golaem NX Characters

Assets that I’ve made publicly available for use in Golaem.

Confetti Template

I created a very basic setup for confetti bursting in to the air and falling back. This can be used to speed up the process of implementing simple dynamic confetti simulation which include nCloth streamers and nParticle glitter. Landing Rotation Simply stopping the rotation increment on the confetti instances will appear as if it gets […]

Crowd Simulation Setup

Populating an area with people is always a challenge. Constraints in production budget always hurdles that challenge. This is why there are tons of different plugins, stand-alone packages, and scripts that have been developed to tackle the problems. The above video demonstrates two ways that I worked with to achieve a shot needed for a […]

Foam Cannon Rig

I was thinking about many solutions on how to achieve realistic soap suds in maya. The type of soap suds that you would find at a car wash or in one of those foam parties from back in the college days. The two things that interested me were the way foam interacts with itself and […]

Maya Fluids Tornado Rig

There are many examples on how to achieve a tornado in Maya. Many solutions include the use of Maya fluids with the help of fields to drive the fluids in a way that simulate the air around tornados. Other solutions involve maya particles with point or streak particle types to give the look of a […]

Dynamic Hair Wagon

I noticed that I have been using the “Make Selected Curves Dynamic” option more and more in many of my projects. I found it very powerful and can easily give me expected results for a range of applications. I decided to use it in a practice for creating some kind of direction anticipation engine in […]