Camera Manager Script

MEL Script that comes with a camera toolset to streamline productivity inside of Maya. Credit to Firas Ershead for the 2D Camera Zoom tool.


Create Simple Camera Rig – Creates a simple camera rig with the option of having controls on the aim locator or created curve.

Create Absolute Camera – Creates a camera in the position of the current viewport or camera. Options of full attributes or only aim attributes.

Scene Cameras Overview – Lists the current cameras in the scene with right-click function to Rename, Look-Through, Delete, and others.

Toggle Image Planes – Shows/Hides all image planes in the viewport.

Toggle Clippling Planes – Shows/Hides the selected camera’s clipping planes in the viewport.

Camera Zoom – A 2D Camera zoom to make detailed adjustments without changing the perspective.

Toggle Selection Highlighting – Shows/Hides the selection highlighting in the viewport.

Random Selection – Randomly deselects objects that you already have selected.

Create Locator – Creates a Locator in the absolute position of an object while inheriting it’s rotation.

AE Null Preperation – Isolates the locator and object, constrains the two and bakes its keys.

AE Camera Preperation – Creates a camera using the “Absolute Camera” feature in this toolset, constrains, isolates, and bakes it’s keyframes